Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Sewing

It's been a busy weekend here and not too much time for sewing, but I did carve out a couple of hours yesterday and plan on more today.  My sisters-in-law came to visit.  They haven't been here in a long time, so of course we made lots of jokes about once in a blue moon, referring to Friday's full moon.  Lots of chatting and great food.  But I digress...on to the sewing.

I made another one of these cute wristlet pouches from Caroline at Trillium Designs:

 I made a couple for my daughter a while back and they are so handy and easy to sew, I knew I would make more.  Before I start sewing for the folks I want to gift them to, I wanted to make one for me.
 You know how that goes, right?  We get all caught up in making things for others, and we love doing it, but at some point we realize we have none of our own handmade quilts or other items.  Especially if it's a favorite pattern.
 I love how it fits my phone and my ID and credit card.  I daresay I could slip in a couple of bucks and my keys if needed.
 Here it is all closed up.  I love the Children at Play fabric and this is the last of my blue and red stripe from that line.  I am happy to have a little bit of it for my own.

 In my reading of blogs this weekend, I came across this.  I know we have all seen it, as it is not new, but I resisted until now.  I bought the pattern and can't wait to start pulling fabrics for it.  I might even do that today.
The last thing I did yesterday was to play with these pretties which I pulled a week or so ago.  They are all from my stash and the selvedges say some were printed in 2003.  I have been looking at them for a bit, waiting for inspiration to strike.  These are for the Leafs Me Happy block Blog Hop that is coming up in October.  Don't you just love fall?  The colors, the cooler temps...the yummy foods.  Okay, I have lots of sewing to cram in today.  Maybe I'll see you back here later this week.
Have a great Labor Day.


  1. Such a cute little pouch! I've seen that pattern and love it too! And, yes, I L.O.V.E. fall!!

  2. Well done on making a pouch for yourself for a change, it looks great. Love the fabric you have pulled too, autumn colours are my favourites so I will be looking out for that Blog Hop!

  3. Love the wristlet! Hope you have a lovely labor day of sewing!


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