Monday, September 17, 2012

Really Random Monday

I've got lots of different stuff to show you today.  This was my only sewing since early last week, so I tried to cram lots in.  Ready?  Here we go:

 First of all, here is my red mini ticker tape all finished and bound in a soft blue green.  I am so loving making these.  It's like a story of past quilts, revisited.  Fun to look at all those scraps again.
 Next, I received some very happy mail from Aunt Marti at 52 Weeks, 52 Quilts.  I won her giveaway last week and this is what I got.  Yes, those are some Kate Spain note cards, note pad, journal and emery boards.  How cool is that?
      The cute pink polka dot box holds these lovelies.  Sew cute!!
 And how about these?  Yes, pink snips with white polka dots on the handles.  Love them!!
 And some awesome polka dot fabrics.  I love both of them.  I really need to make something using all the different dots I have.
 And to top it off, this lovely thank you card, for being a follower of her blog.  Marti, it is my pleasure.  You should go check her out too.
 Next, I spread out all the blocks I have received so far from my Bee mates in the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee.  I wanted to look at them all together, and I am already thinking: sashing, or no sashing?
 Here is a bit of a peak at my Ombre Dots project.  I can't wait to finish this one up and show it to you.  I decided to pin baste it this morning and had no idea how to quilt it, but as I was pinning, it came to me.  Has that ever happened to you?
And I also decided to use a similar quilting pattern on this one.  I got it all quilted, just need to bind it.  I am thinking of trying bias binding for the first time.  I am trying to push myself to learn new tricks.
Since I had such success with these, maybe I will get some batting and go ahead and baste my Swoon quilt. Maybe a quilting pattern will come to me on that one too.  I have waited a long time.
Have a great week and I hope to see you soon.


  1. Charlotte, I am so pleased you liked your giveaway goodies! I was scrolling down through Google reader and saw the photo of the Kate Spain stuff and thought "Hey, I bought some of that." Then "Oh my gosh! -- this must be Charlotte's blog!" I think someone needs some sleep --

  2. Lots of loveliness in your post. Your ticker tape mini looks so cute, and the SMQ blocks look great as they are. I would vote for no sashing :)

  3. I started reading and following your blog when Marti posted that you'd won her giveaway. I'm really enjoying reading it and seeing what you've been making. :o)

  4. The ticker tape looks terrific! And I'm liking to Bee Blocks all together too - I haven't done that yet. Love those Ombre dots too! And, what a fantastic package you got!


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