Monday, October 8, 2012

What's on YOUR couch?

I had a couple of comments last week, during the Leafs Me Happy blog hop (which is still going on this week) about the couch in my header.  I love the couch, and the header.  Since we have been busy painting our livingroom, there was less time for sewing this weekend and I decided to dress up my couch and show off some of my quilts.  Here is the story of the couch.

Her is the naked couch.  We had been living without one, with only two IKEA chairs in the livingroom for the past year.  This summer, we found this couch at Crate and Barrel when they were having a clearance sale of floor models.  This is their silhouette sofa, which they still carry.  We loved it and got it for about $500 less than retail price.  The only possible down side...it's off white...we have grand children.  Hmmmm...what's a quilter to do?

 This is the way the couch looks now.  I love the way it displays this great quilt.  One of my newer finishes, the 36 Patch I did with Amanda Jean's QAL last year that I just finished this summer.
 Here is a shot with just the pillows.  I mad the two cathedral windows long before we had this couch, with just this in mind.  I was inspired by the pillows I saw in blogland.  The two nine patch pillows are made from charm packs of California Girl by Fig Tree Quilts.  The other two was me playing with some of my favorite fabrics I had been hesitant to cut into.
 Here are two smaller quilts that I recently made and blogged about.  You can see that it takes two to cover the seat of the couch.
 An older quilt that was one of my first attempts at a modern strip quilt.  Love the colors on this one.
 An older quilt from the early 2000"s  I believe this is Kansas Twister.  I found it in a book and just had to make it.  I still love the color combo.

My Winding Ways quilt, made in 2005.  It was the first quilt I made with all green fabrics, as my husband told me I never use green.  Also my first with curved piecing.  I am proud of this one.

So there you have it for today.  Hopefully there will be more sewing and I will have something new to share soon.  Have a great Monday.


  1. Well, usually my husband's at one end and the dog is next to him - LOLOL! Seriously, the pillows that came with the couch, a tied flannel monkey wrench quilt covers the seat cushion and the afghan my grandmother made me graces the arm. I love the couch as quilt model idea! Some great stuff you have there (particularly the pillows!)

  2. Great way to show off your quilts....love it.....


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