Friday, January 4, 2013

First Post of the year

Catchy title, right?  I have been feeling the need to get one up here for the new year.  So here is the sewing I have been doing.

 I really need to take these outside on a sunny day.  Those sunny days are scarce right now.  Anyway this is my purple ticker tape mini for the series I am doing.  The binding is a deep pink that really looks much better than this picture shows.
 Here is the orange ticker tape mini. I really love doing these. With all the scraps, it's like a trip down memory lane of all my sewing projects.  this one has one small patch that isn't quite square or rectangular, but I had to have that leaf on my ticker tape.  Once I get the last two done, I will put them all together and photograph them for you.  I am so close.
 My blue scrap bin has thrown up on my floor.  I am working on the January blocks for the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee.  This round, we are helping each other to make a complete quilt from the book by making the scrap blocks for each other.  For January we are working on Splash and Candy Coated.
 These two sort of aqua colored blocks are for me.  I have all the other blocks from last year's round of SMQ Bee and they needed two more to make 16.  Aqua was one color we didn't do, so I made my own.  I am going to sash them with white and it should make a good sized snuggle quilt.  I just need to figure out the arrangement.
Here are some of the other lovely scrappy blocks my bee mates made for me.  We did one color per month, with each person making two blocks from their scrap stash and then exchanged them.  I will post here and in the Flickr group when I get it together.

Hope you have a great stitchy weekend.

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