Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Sunday Morning Quilt

I have been working to get the blocks from round 1 of the Sunday Morning Quilt Bee put together and just finished.  As it is finally a sunny day, I ran outside to get some pics.

This is the layout, in my sewing room a few days ago.  Not great lighting.  But when I took it outside...magic!

      The shadows keep on moving and I am definitely no professional photographer.
                               It does sort of glow in the sunlight though.
                           It is also a beautiful Carolina Blue sky out there today.
 Ahhh...now that's a bit better isn't it?  On the ground...I bordered it with Kona white and I am planning a blue binding just to frame it off.  These are 12.5 inch blocks made by members of the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee last year.  We did one color per month and then swapped each month. I made 2 more to have an even 16 for my quilt.  I plan to quilt in an all over doodle of some sort.  There are lots of seams in this and I want them secured.
It was also pretty windy today!  :)  Hope you have a great day.


  1. Looks lovely Charlotte, as soon as I have all the blocks I am hoping to have a similar quilt in my cupboard :)

  2. The Bee quilt looks great! Still deciding on how to set mine.

    1. Thanks. My daughter helped me with the arrangement. I was going to sash it but she said it looked better together. I think she was right.

  3. It looks great! So thrilled that the bee came together. Can't wait to see more of them.


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