Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Works In Progress

I have so many of these right now.  I still need to finish piecing my spools quilt top.  I need to baste and quilt the postage stamp quilt for my daughter. And since I don't have enough to do, i am getting ready to start another quilt.  Lemme 'splain...

I made the green Dresden for the Sew We Quilt blog hop, Dare to Dresden.  I was going to make a pillow.  Now I am making 5 more Dresdens and this will become a quilt. They are all made with the Ombre Dots fabric.  I am loving how they look.

I bought the pattern for the Retro Flowers Quilt quite awhile ago.  I finally made the first one and then changed all the fabrics I chose from my stash to follow another path.  So I am working on this one too.

I am also waiting for some fabric to come in the mail for a ragged squares quilt.  Crazy Mom, Amanda Jean made one a few years back and I have wanted one ever since.  I just can't sew fast enough to get all this done.  I am afraid I will come up with more ideas before I finish what I have already started.  Eeeek!

What do you do when this happens to you?


  1. I love your polka dot dresdens, they are adorable!!! I start way too many projects too, sew many to do, sew little time!!! :^)

  2. Wow a great use for those ombre dots! That is going to be one cool quilt! o:)


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