Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Thursday

Not a great title for a post, I know, but I have a crappy cold and it's only 43 degrees and windy here.  Yuck! It's supposed to be much warmer. This is the south you know.  Anyway.  Sewing has been slow going lately due to life getting in the way.  I know you know how that feels, right?  Here is a little of what I have been doing:

 A new pair of Big Butt Baby Pants for baby B.  His mom came over and shopped my stash for fabric combos.  This is the first of 5 pair she picked fabrics for.  Love the cute argyle print.  You can't tell so well in the picture, but the tiny crisscross stripe is a reddish orange that matches the Kona tomato solid.
                               Here it is a bit closer.  So cute!
 This is a Ragged Squares quilt I have been wanting to make for a long time.  I first saw it here, and I loved it.  When I made the Divided Basket by Anna of Noodlehead, I had these 3 inch squares that were cutouts from the side pieces.
 I never throw anything away, and I thought they'd be great for something.  Turns out they were just the right size for the smallest square in this quilt.  I made all the blocks first and then spent a couple of days rearranging them on my design wall until I was satisfied.
 The small squares are perfectly perched in two colorways and some green and white chevrons .  The other sized squares are from several different lines, including Sherbet Pips and some older fabric from Me and My Sister designs.
Now I just have to quilt it.  It's going to make a great quilt for the kids to lounge around with.  Have a great rest of the day.

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