Monday, February 24, 2014

Cabin Fever?

Well, while I am kind of tired of winter and ready for spring, I can't actually claim to have cabin fever. I leave the house every day and go to work. Some days, it has been quite cold for North Carolina and two weeks ago, we got this:

 This is our front yard...
 And our back yard...

And it was not very sunny or warm...but it only lasted 48 hours before it ALL MELTED!  When it is cold or snowy, this is what we do:
 Omalley sleeps on the tuffet by the fire that hubby keeps going for him and for us.
 I sit and do hand work by the fire where it is toasty warm. I wear my favorite slippers too.
 And this is the hand work I did out of crochet while sitting in front of the fire. But this weekend spring was teasing us. It got up into the 60's and was quite sunny.  Colder weather is on the way again, but hopefully not for long!  So I am linking up with Lily Pad Quilting's Cabin Fever Linky Party.  Join us, won't you?


  1. Don't cat's find the coziest places (love the tuffet) and what a cute project completed during your snow storm.

  2. Lookin cozy and sweet. Spring will be here soon!

  3. Welcome to my world...for a little bit anyway. My snow, however, will probably not be gone until June! LOL!

  4. Some days I wish I lived a cat's life. Oh to while the day away by the fire would be lovely.

  5. Thanks for partying along with us! Love your cozy scene with kitty and slippers!


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