Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday-Look What I Found

I had made a goal last year to try and quilt all the tops I had in my closet. I did get a few done, but not all. I think when I started there were 7 or 8 of them. Now I am down to the last couple of tops and this is one of them. I pulled it out and ironed it Monday. I made the backing. And Tuesday, I basted it.

 I pieced this top about 5 years ago. I got the pattern from a book called New Cuts for New Quilts.  It is a book by  Karla Alexander for That Patchwork Place. You cut the squares and then stack them up in 10 decks of 8 squares. You cut a wonky 9 patch in this case, and then shuffle the pieces to make the blocks. Lots more great ideas in this book. This is the only one I have done. Might have to pull it out again.
 This picture is more true to the colors of the fabrics. I love love love yellow. Especially a warm yellow like this. And the blues, greans and aquas just set it off so nicely.
 When I took it out, I was struck again by how much I loved the colors. I am so excited to finally be quilting this one.
 I basted pretty heavily, for me. After some discussion with my sweet hubby, we agreed that this quilt needs a curving quilting design. I am going to do a small practice piece to see if I can mimic the swirls on the beautiful. vibrant aqua.
Omalley approves of the quilt. He doesn't think it needs a thing to be ready to lie on.  He is wrong. I will liberate it from him and get my quilting on.  Talk to you soon.
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  1. to funny Mr Omalley -- I also have an orange O'Maley cat in my household that is an excelent quilt inspector and tester.

  2. I can't believe this lovely has been in a closet for 5 years! It is beautiful. I have 3 kitties that would be happy to test it out for you :-)

  3. Great find Charlotte, have fun quilting those swirls!

  4. Olá ! Seu blog é lindo.
    Quilts maravilhosos.


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