Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Aurifil Experience

So if you are on Facebook and you like Aurifil, you see lots of pretty things made with Aurifil thread and read lots of comments on how great it is for quilting.  This is my Aurifil experience.  I have told you before that I have been sewing for more than 40 years now, and quilting for more than 20 of those years.  I started out sewing with whatever thread was available and when I bought thread, it was a cotton polyester blend.  I never gave thread another thought.  Until I began quilting.  Use cotton thread was what I was told.  NO POLYESTER EVER!!

At that time, the best thread at my LQS was Mettler and I used it exclusively for years.  And then, I bought a new machine. I bought a Bernina. It was the most expensive machine purchase I had ever made. I told myself and my husband that this was the last machine I would ever own (hopefully) and I intended to take great care of it.

Then, in 2010 I discovered blog land and began following many blogs and eventually began my own blog here.  I entered a giveaway on Lily's Quilts blog in October of 2011 and won a 48 spool suitcase of Aurifil threads. You can read about that here.

 Here is what that suitcase of thread looks like today, 2 1/2 years later.  This is the front side.
 This is the back side. I still keep all my spools in there and whenever I have to buy a spool of white, which is most used of all, I put it in there too.  I think I need to buy a cone of the white, actually.  But back to my story.
 So, I got this thread that everyone said was so superior to others and I began to use it. It sewed like a dream. I noticed less lint. My bobbins seemed to last longer.  I was amazed and so thankful for all this great thread.
 I sent a spool off to a woman as a pay it forward gift.  She had never tried it before and I felt like I should share the wealth, so to speak.  It was a long time an a lot of blog reading before I knew there were other weights of this thread.
 This is the 50 weight and it is the only weight that my LQS carries. I can't tell you when they began to carry Aurifil, but they have it now, and have for several years at least. You know it's kind of like when you buy a new car and you suddenly notice how many of that type of car are on the roads? It took a while to notice it at the shop.
 Now the new buzz in quilty blogland is the different weights of Aurifil and what they can do.  I try not to be too much of a follow the crowd quilter, but sometimes, you just can't help it.  So I am thinking of getting some of the heavier weight threads to try out for myself.
 I love the look of Aurifil on my quilts and if a heavier weight stands out more, I would love that too.
 I might even try a bit of hand stitching with some Aurifil. I would love to see what that feels like even though I don't do that much hand quilting anymore except as embellishment.
A couple of months ago I tried to use another brand of thread in my Bernina. It did not go well. I think she is just as hooked on this thread as I am.
I know this sounds like a bit of a commercial, but when you find something wonderful, you want to share it with everyone you know. These opinions are strictly my own. Talk to you soon.


  1. I agree, Aurifil does a great job as bobbin thread. I haven't noticed the less lint specifically. That was a fantastic prize! I have a few spools of Aurifil, but I can't justify buying a huge selection all at once.

  2. I love that colourful range , as a newbie I will start looking for better thread now. I didn't know until I read your blog about different weights of thread available also. Thank you


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