Monday, November 7, 2011

Balance in the Universe?

I think this qualifies for that.  Last Friday, after a rough day at the end of a rough week, I just asked the question out loud "Why can't something good happen?" I really needed it right then.  I went through my afternoon arrival at home routine.  I went to the front door and opened it to check the porch.  That's where our deliveries get put. (We never enter our home through the front.  In the south, we use the side door by where we park our car.)  And there was a box...

Two weeks ago I had entered a give away on Lily's Quilts blog.  The prizes were some lovely packages of Aurifil threads.  There were 2 of each prize, one for UK readers and one for international readers like me.  I entered with my comment, always hopeful, hoping for one of the small prize packs at least.  Imagine my shock and surprise and overwhelmedness at the e-mail from Lynne telling me that not only had I won, but I won the GRAND PRIZE!!!

I was reading this at 4:30 am which is when I get up and check e-mail while having coffee and then getting ready for work.  I was so overwhelmed I didn't tell anyone about it, lest I should break the spell.  So I waited.  And I waited.  And then...
here it is!

side one

side two
48...yes, 48 spools of the most beautiful, soft yummy looking thread ever.  I was in shock all over again.  This made my day, my week, my month, maybe even my year.  I won't have to buy thread for awhile and so I am thinking of some sewing to give back for my great good fortune.

Over the weekend I did a couple of blocks for Val at Pink Please for her Heroes Quilt.  That's just the start.  I will be doing lots more of these types of projects.  How can I not?

Kaffe Fassett fabrics block

random fabrics block

the card that went with my blocks
Val, if you read this the blocks are on their way to you.  I posted them this morning.

I know this is kind of long and wordy and gushy, but I really must thank Lynne at Lily's Quilts and Alex Veronelli from Aurifil for making this possible.  I hope they both understand how much this means to me.  A thousand thanks to you both.

Have a great week everyone.


  1. That's awesome, Mom! Congrats on your cool new thread! I just entered the current contest at YHL and I was just thinking how I never win anything. A $500 gift card to Home Goods would be pretty sweet, though! :)

  2. that is so great that you won the grand prize! lucky girl!!

  3. Wow Sis, you won the jackpot of Thread! Cool colors! And I love that you made a couple of blocks and immediately sent them in honor of Kevin.
    XO Sue


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