Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday

So I am plugging away over here, at two projects...well, three, but this post is about two. First of all, there is the quilt made up of charm squares and the curved leftovers from my Retro Flowers quilt.
 If you recall, I sewed all the curved pieces together and turned them right side out, pressed them and am sewing them into the seams of some charm squares. I have 5 rows done above.
And 5 more rows to go. As always, I am already contemplating the quilting of this. I think I am going to just stitch in the ditch between all the squares. The white pieces are cool, but bulky and I want them to stay open.

Next, I am working on a quilt for little B. He is still in a crib right now, but he will be 2 this summer, so I am getting a head start.
 I am plugging away at it after a break for a couple weeks. There is lots of chain piecing going on.
 And I had to stop and recalculate some of my measurements. I am using Sasparilla by Riley Blake and lots and lots of Aurifi thread.
I haven't even begun to consider the quilting, but I am thinking about trying one of the heavier weights of Aurifil thread that I am seeing so much about in blogland. Since the fabric is cowboy themed, maybe a quilting motif to resemble a lasso, stitched in Aurifil 12? We'll see.  Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.  Talk to you soon.

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  1. I love your curved piecing project! I'm a huge fan of that MoMo line, and yours is one of the best projects I've seen with it. Seriously gorgeous! Quilty high-fives to you :)


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