Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's Sewjo Saturday

I have to admit, I am loving these Saturday posts. Everything that happens during the week is great and fun to read about, but the weekends were a little dull before now. I am so inspired by other people"s talents and this is what keeps me going through the weekend.  I am doing as much sewing as time allows, but pictures are harder to come by. This is my current project, well, one of them.
 This is V's Rocket Age quilt and though the pictures are not much yet, it's going to be fabulous.
I am at that phase in the quilt where the piecing is just beginning and even with chain piecing, it takes a bit of time to get enough done to show real progress in pictures. I plan to really give it a go this next week in my spare bits of time so that by next Saturday, they might be much more to show. Have a great Saturday. Linking up with GoGo Kim for Sewjo Saturday.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to Sewjo Saturday! I love linky parties, you can get tons of inspriation in one spot. Looking forward to seeing your next Saturdays post!

  2. HI!!!!! It looks like it will be really pretty!!!!!! I will be back to see more of it!!!!!!

  3. Hi Charlotte! I agree with your comment about Saturdays, by then I have some time to relax and there aren't many things to read, so your Saturday blog is super. Thanks for posting and for supplying the linky link! I think I'll follow my own advice and go blog too. Can't wait to see what that great fabric turns into, because I love HST :)
    Happy Easter!
    Mary Pat


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