Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Finish-Twins!

Sometimes, when a friend is expecting a baby, it turns out to be twins! And that means two baby quilts. And since they are fraternal twins, it means they should have some of the same elements, but still be different and individual.  So now, I have completed that mission.

 Here are the pair of them. What they have in common is the fabrics used for the quilt tops, the binding and they both have Ohio Stars on them. This family lives in Ohio.
 This one is made from lots of scraps of the fabrics, in a sort of stacked coins arrangement. I had so many of these pieces and wanted something scrappy. I have been saving these scraps for years, waiting for a baby quilt to use them in.
 It has a single Ohio star on it, in red since that was the one color I had a bigger piece of. I really fell in love with this pattern while I was making these.
 The quilt is quilted with diagonal lines two inches apart all the way, except for the star which is stitched in the ditch around the star.

This is the back of this quilt. I added the yellow strip to make the one yard of fabric work for the back of the quilt. Love it!

 Here is the other quilt. It has 5 Ohio stars and 4 white squares, which, I suppose makes it a nine patch. Each is 12 inches square.
 All the stars are stitched in the ditch, but the white squares are the outline shape of the Ohio star, stitched as two lines about an eighth of an inch apart.
                                         Here is the front of this quilt.
And this is the back. I had a yard of this Lizzy House flag fabric from the Castle Peeps line and I added the same yellow strip to make it bigger that the other quilt had. I love that little matching detail too.
And now I have a twin set of baby quilts ready to send off to Ohio to the family. The binding is a stripe from Connecting Threads Quilter's Candy line. It has most of the colors of the quilts in it. Yay for a happy finish! Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish It Friday.


  1. These are both great.... love the fabrics and the Ohio stars. Congrats to the happy twin family!

  2. This are so great! Nice job!


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