Friday, March 20, 2015

And Now, For Something Completely Different

So, I am sewing here. It is very off and on, based on my energy level and my desire to sew. When I get revved up about something, though, I can feel the ol' creative mojo and that excites me. Sometimes I am not sure where it is.

On the Sew Mama Sew blog, they are celebrating 6 weeks of softies. I love looking at softies, but making them, eh...my grand kids don't really need any more, so I have been just looking and resisting making any. Until I went to one of the featured artist pages and started noodling around. I found...Felt Food!!

My youngest grandson loves to play kitchen and has lots of plastic food and stuff, but this felt stuff is amazing. The creativity and detail of some of this is so cool and it's just so doggone much fun to make. So I decided to start making some and see how much I could do towards his birthday gift. He is getting some felt food. Here is what I have so far:
 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...Bacon, eggs and strawberries.
My sesame seeded bun

 Hamburger, with grill lines as requested by my daughter. There is no end to the creativity on this stuff. Your imagination is the limit.
With a few side items.

Woven corn on the cob

A whole plate of side items

Enough to share with his brother

 Now i am working on some veggies. Gotta have balance in the diet. I have several more to make.
 And, again at my daughter's request, a doughnut with icing and sprinkles. He is apparently intrigued with these, even though he has never had a real one.
This was yesterday's food makings

And, the raw materials. I had some on hand to start with, from  Pearl Soho. I bought some at Michael's and then, I needed a few colors they didn't have so I ordered some larger pieces on line, made by National Nonwovens. If you have little ones, or just want a wee bit of fun, check it out and make some. Just Google "felt food" and you will be amazed at all the tutorials that come up. This has been the most fun week ever. Thanks, Sew Mama Sew for the great ideas.


  1. what a super idea and very simple to make it seems. May do some of these for our older grand daughter who will be 3 in January. How old is your grandson?

  2. I love felt food! It's calorie free, fun to play with.... and quiet. What fun!

  3. Oh, my, gosh...that is just the cutest idea! I love all that food! Now I'm hungry.

  4. Your felt food items are too stinking cute! Your grandson is going to love them.

  5. These are too cute!!! This is the first time I have seen these. They look like they are a lot of fun to make. I do miniature food out of clay and these wouldn't be messy lol....

  6. Well I would say you got your mojo back. I love them!! What a wonderful, fun thing to do. Your grandson is going to love them!

  7. Oh, these are so CUTE!!! I remember when my daughter had a play kitchen, one of the only toys she would play with. She's always been a pen and paper kind of kid or handheld device girl. Your felt food looks good enough to eat. I am sure your grandson will have hours and hours of fun with your creations. Love it!

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  9. You can open up your own farmer's market....:))


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