Thursday, August 11, 2016

Eight Years Later...A Finish

Well, this quilt certainly has a story to go with it. I started it about 8 years ago, when I had a denim couch. I have always been a blue jeans girl, and I loved this denim couch. It was great for having with kids and grand kids. The covers all came off and went into the wash, going back tight and great fitting as jeans do. So I wanted to make a quilt that matched it as soon as I found the perfect fabric at my LQS.

 They are all batiks, which I don't use much even though there are so many beautiful ones out there. I pieced it fairly quickly, but got hung up on the quilting. I started out hand quilting it. I used to do a lot of my quilts that way. But it is slow. And it went to the back of the line.
 This is the part that got machine quilted a few weeks ago just so I could get this thing done.
 There were a few centers that were hand quilted like this, but I couldn't find the stencil I used back when I started. So I made a choice to go in another direction.
 All the small squares are hand quilted and the stitches are of varying lengths. My abilities have changed some over the years.
 The back I love. It is an older Heather Baily print that I bought because the colors matched the front pretty well. The outside borders are a dark blue marbled fabric.
 I love that it is done. The colors are just so delicious. I still love them after all this time.
 This quilt would have looked great on that denim couch. But alas, the couch is no more. One of the kids took it and has since gotten rid of it. I love my new couch, but I will never forget the old denim couch.
                        This quilt will always remind me.
And one more small miracle, while wondering what to bind it with, and searching for something else at the time, I found about a yard of the coral batik. Perfect. Just perfect.
And it looks pretty good on the new couch too. Another happy ending for one of my quilts. Talk to you soon.

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