Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Happy Anniversary Quilt

I finished an anniversary quilt a few weeks ago, for my daughter and son-in-law. Their anniversary isn't until October 1, but I couldn't wait any longer, so I gave it to them this weekend. What can I say, I get excited when I finish a project and it was a secret for so long already. So, this is what I did.

When they were married, 5 years ago, I made 100 cloth napkins in sets of 4, 6 and one set of 8, for the wedding reception. The plan was that later, they would use them at home. And use them, they did. Awhile back she gave me all the scrap fabrics she had from those napkins and it sat here for over a year until I got the idea to use it for a quilt for their anniversary.

 I wanted to do triangles. I have long wanted to make a quilt of triangles. I had such a variety of amounts here, once I cut out all the triagles, I had to find a way to make it look good, and random.
 So I stared rearranging them on the wall as hexagons in color groups that looked good to me.

 And I just kept on moving them around until I had used almost all of the triangles.

 This is the final arrangement on the design wall, all sewn together before quilting.
                     And this extra wide fun fabric is the backing!
 The top and bottom are straight lines, but I decided not to cut off the side angles to make it straight. Instead, I let them swerve in and out along the sides.

 I found enough solid green in a couple of colorways in my stash to do the binding. I made a bias binding to help ease in the indents and curve around the hills and corners. It's not perfect, but it works.

 My daughter commented that those napkins are so faded now from all the washing over the last five years, but these are so bright, just like the original fabrics.
 I love the way this turned out so much, and it will be a constant reminder to them of that happy day.
The colors will stay bright longer, since it won't be washed as much, and no one will be wiping their mouth on it. :)  Talk to you soon.

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  1. You have an eye for putting together scrappy quilts! Your daughter and son-in-law are lucky people!


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