Friday, November 18, 2016

Color My World

Well, that was the title of a song that was very popular when I was in high school. Any kids growing up in the 70's know it. Anyhow, this is my last post on my crayon project, I think. I have finished all four of the crayons to gift to the grands for Christmas and I don't know who will love them more, me or their mom or the kiddos.

 Remember Pea Green who change his name to Esteban the Magnificent? Guy has self esteem.
 Here are the other three colors hanging on the design wall, waiting for their paint to dry. The black band and the faces are paint and fabric marker.
     A big pile of arms and legs on the sewing table, waiting to be attached.
 Esteban meets orange, who seems to be complaining about something. Esteban is happy though.
 The gang, all together in a chair. They all have such different personalities, don't they?
 Yellow is saying "Here I am, looking bright and I am the color of the sun!" Orange does not agree. He thinks he is the true color of the sun.
 And as they bicker over that, Purple seems to have his own issues. He doesn't look happy with either of them.
But Esteban loves them all. The reason for choosing these particular colors out of the whole book is because they are the kids favorite colors. Esteban, because he is so sweet. Have a great weekend. Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts.

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