Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What's Happening Here?

I wish I was just sewing  along and taking pictures, but I am moving in a few months, so there is lots going on that has nothing to do with sewing. But, to keep me from losing my mind, I am getting to do a little sewing. I want to keep in touch here while all this is going on too.

Before I show you what's happening here, I just want to comment on something. I was reading blogs this morning, which is my version of reading the morning paper. I follow many blogs on Bloglovin', but there are others I follow because I bookmarked them way back in the day or I see them on someone's side bar and click over.

So many of them are gone now. Well, they are still there, but no posts for a year or sometimes 2 years. I know Instagram has changed things a lot, but I felt so sad this morning for some I hadn't thought about in such a long time. They used to share great projects and bits of family life. I get it. Life changes. But I haven't found any new blogs lately that can take the place of them. It just makes me sad. It's like when your favorite TV show is cancelled. Okay, that's it. All I'm gonna say about it.

Here is what's happening here:

 This is the small quilt made from block #40 in Amy Gibson's Quilt Block Cookbook. I selected this block, one of my favorites, to make a small quilt that I could work on between packing and all the other moving chaos. Here, the blocks are done.
 Here, I was trying to decide if I wanted to sash them, rather that just put them side by side. I stuck a few up on the design wall on top of the blue gingham that makes up the corners. It totally changes the look, but it wasn't what I was going for.
So here they are, all sewn together and I really like this version. The blocks are 12 inches finished, so this is 36 inches square. I have decided to put a 2 inch border around it, in white. I just want to frame it up a bit. Then, we will think about how to quilt it. I think a combination of hand and machine quilting.
 Now the other project I have is Penny Sampler. I chose this as a great skill builder for me, but also because I can take the 12 month version and not get overwhelmed when we are in the throes of moving. The four hearts block has been hand appliqued since this picture was taken.
 And while waiting for the second lesson for February 1st, I worked ahead and prepared two more appliques using a different method. Now I am trying them out on backgrounds to see what works for me. I love my mitten and I think this golden yellow dimple dots fabric is perfect for it.
I know this is sideways, but this is my clover applique, sitting on a piece of coral colored Kona. I don't remember the exact name. But I like the way it shows the clover off. Both of these will be appliqued next month.
 And here, I am trying out some other fabrics for different parts of the Penny Sampler. Just trying to see what plays well together. I think this is going to end up very colorful, but hopefully, not too busy.
Last shot with most of the elements in place so far. Yup, I'm liking it and enjoying the as we go method whenever time permits. I know it's going to get way crazier here soon. I will continue to sew until they make me pack up my sewing room. It will be the last thing to go, I'm sure. Have a great week.


  1. I too am saddened by the bloggers leaving. I find instagram to be great for inspiration but lacking when it comes to social connections.

  2. I've seen several blogs stop and I miss them too. Your blog is great, hope you'll be able to keep going after your move and you get settled. :)

  3. I like instagram for quick snippits but find that this leaves me wanting ot know more about the story of a quilt (or project) that why I still blog because i want to log those stories. great projects and i hope your move goes smoothly


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