Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A few mMinutes to Play

I spent all of last week painting, laying floors caulking etc. I only had a few minutes here and there to play with my fabric and I am missing it terribly I have to say. I am waiting for the new month of the Penny Sampler which should be out today. I can't wait to have something else to work on in my "spare" time.

So last week I was looking for something to do in this little block of time and I have long wanted to make a pineapple block. Maybe more than one, but I had never tried it. I did not want to paper piece. I googled it and much to my surprise and delight (pineapple delight!) Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts had a tutorial from a couple of years back!

Hers is a scrappy (surprise!) version so that is where I started. I have not packed my scraps and most of my fabrics yet. I made it this far, but stopped because I decided that I didn't really like the combination I had going. I love the scrappy idea, but with so much else going on, I really didn't have time to start digging through everything. When I sew scrappy, I make quite the mess looking for just the right pieces. So next, I tried something else.
I pulled two fat quarters off the shelf and added the contrasting block in the center. I really liked this. I plan to keep playing with both of these ideas and create a pineapple quilt for myself. I love the technique and practice makes perfect so more practice for me.

Happy Wednesday. Halfway through the week!

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