Wednesday, May 17, 2017

First Finished Project in California!

After lots of unpacking and rearranging and errand running to get things, I finally spent some time working on a project in my new sewing space here. I am finding it hard to make myself go in and dive into a project like I used to, but I think it's just because I am still settling in and trying to get a routine of sorts. Any way, here it is:

 I made a tuffet! Now, this is not my first tuffet, but my second. I have been wanting to make another one since I made that first one about 10 years ago. I wanted this one to be really different though.
 My original idea for this was to make it look like a California poppy. I though that would be fitting in my new home state. I had just a rough idea of how it would look. Then, one day my husband took me to my new local quilt shop to look at fabric. And I found this beauty: Poppy Mae by Robin Pickens for Moda! It couldn't be any more perfect!
 So I studied it and tried to figure out how to use it for my tuffet. I decided to make it mostly the poppy fabric and ad a thin stripe of green between the panels. Then I fussy cut the center of a poppy to cover the button. I am very happy with how this turned out. And I thought you might like to see the first tuffet, very well loved and used.
 I made this one in a class with Sheryn Cole about 10 years ago in North Carolina. I had so much fun with this one, choosing the colors and I even painted the feet blue to go with it.
 Here is a better picture of the feet. This little sweetie has been sat on countless times by grand children and has propped up many a tired foot over the years.
 You can see in this picture how dingy the fabrics have become. I have thought about recovering it, but I still love all these fabrics so very much. I am thinking I may just try to clean it. The Kaffe Fasset print on the button was the inspiration for the color pallet that I chose.
 Here are the two tuffets side by side. You can also see that in the last 10 years the button on the first tuffet has loosened and pulled up from the center a bit.
New and old...
I know that they will both get lots of use here in the Garden House. We love our tuffets. If you want to make a tuffet, I bought my kit from Tuffet Source. You may have seen them on Facebook, but you can google them. They have the parts you will need, to make a tuffet. You need to provide the fabrics and thread. I do recommend a class if you are unfamiliar with the process. They are offered all over the place. Just google it. Talk to you soon.


  1. Hello and Welcome to Southern California...from Northern California. I love your tuffet! That California Poppy fabric is perfect!!! Happy Sewing...<3

  2. They both look amazing. The original doesn't really look that faaded.

  3. They both look amazing. The original doesn't really look that faaded.


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