Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Little Pillow Talk

I love making pillows. They are easy and pretty quick to make. They are also small enough to use to try out quilt blocks or just use up scraps. I took some of my old pillow covers off, once the packing was done, and decided to make new covers to go with our new living space. My sister is such a fan of color and fabric that she encouraged me, although I must say, I didn't need much encouragement.
 The first pillow cover was this one. My sister had some crocheted doilies that had been made by either my grandmother or possibly my great grandmother. No one knows for sure, but we wanted a way to showcase this one in particular. My first thought was to put it on a solid fabric, but when I found this in my stash, I knew it was perfect. This is from the Sweetwater collection Volume II. I stitched around the edge of the doily, and then a bit in the center to anchor everything.
 An envelope closure on the back and then is was done. We spent a couple of days admiring it on the couch before I made this nest one.
 I was just dying to cut into the Charleston collection. I did not buy the whole collection, but a few of the designs just called to me, one being this print of the houses and the streets. I love the way the red flowered print frames this piece.
 And to quilt the pillow top, I decided, after stitching in the ditch around the two borders, to just follow the map line of the streets. I LOVE how that turned out.
 The second border, which disappears in a frontal shot, is the navy blue umbrella print. So cute and the perfect frame for the pillow.
 I really wanted to include the pineapple print in this pillow, so it became the envelope closure on the back. So so pretty. This is my new favorite, but I say that every time I make one.
And here they are together, sitting pretty. Have a lovely day and I will talk to you soon.

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  1. Really pretty pair! Charleston fabrics are so great :)


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