Saturday, May 20, 2017

Starting to Find My Groove

I am finally starting to find my sewing groove here. It has been tough to find sewing time, which sounds ridiculous for someone who is now retired, but it's true. Still working to find the new normal. I have made some time to get some things going and to keep some things going, but the to do pile is growing at an alarming rate. I need to buckle down and sew more to keep on top of it. Too many ideas are coming at me too fast.

But here is what I have gotten done so far:

 This is Made by Rae's Beatrix top. She made a Boho dress in this fabric and I loved it so much, but I am not a dress person. I love jeans and slacks so I needed a top. I still need to hem the sleeves and put the buttons and button holes up the back, but I LOVE this! I have already bought fabric for two more. I knew if I found the right top pattern, I would make several. This one has everything I want in a top!
Then, I finally was able to do the April Lesson from the Penny Sampler quilt by Rachel Hauser. I loved how it turned out!

And...I was able to do the May lesson as well!! I decided to do all my little blocks the same to add a bit of continuity to the project. I have a lot going on in my version of this quilt. I am going to get a design wall up soon so that I can see how it is all looking. I need to do that before I go much further.

 And finally, a picture of the new sewing room. I am sharing the room with my sister. The other side is her home office, but the space seems to be working well for us both. I got the crates at IKEA to store some of my stuff. I had book shelves back in NC. I did bring my cutting table that has a gate leg and attaches to the wall. I still love that thing! I haven't figured out a goo spot for the scrap boxes yet, though.
 All my fabric that lived on shelves is now in these pull out drawers. I bought a second one at IKEA. Everything is still sorted by color. That is how I work best. The short sweater hangers above were bought at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are holding larger scraps, sorted by color. I stll have more sorting to do on those.
And this is the view above my machine. Lots of bright light and right now, beautiful bougainvillea. I hope you have a lovely weekend and I will talk to you very soon.

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