Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shhhhh...It's a secret

I finished a small quilt wall hanging for my son-in-law this week, and since I'm pretty positive he doesn't read my blog (may not even know there is a blog) I feel okay showing it off here.  I am pretty pleased with this.  It is meant to hang on the back of his office door, since all the walls are taken up with books. (He is a PhD candidate)

 It started a couple of years ago when my daughter saw a bookshelf quilt on someone's blog and said "This is so cool, you should make one for M" and I said "mmm hmm".  Then, about 6 months ago I saw this stitching pattern on Urban Stitches web site.  Don't remember how I got to that, but anyway I thought "that is so cool and the perfect thing for the Literature Dr. to be.
 In case you can't tell, it is lines from Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven, in the shape of...yes, a raven.  So I spent months trying to get this thing stitched to be the top of the quilty book shelf.
 And then came the books.  Three shelves of them.  Made from a Basic Grey jelly roll which was perfect for books.
 A little Ruby Star typewriter on the bottom shelf...I think I outdid myself on that one.  Perfection!
 And the book titles?  All selvedges from my scraps.  I had such fun choosing the titles of the books.
 And now it is done so one more checked off the ol' Christmas to do list.  YeeHaw!!!!
 One more quick one...V's new quilt made from Out to Sea fabrics.  I love this line and knew it needed to be a boy quilt.
With the map as the focal point.  Now I just have to quilt it in time.  And I have to design J's quilt for the cool airplane fabrics I bought.  See a theme here?

Have a great rest of your week.

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Celtic Thistle said...

Your book quilt is brilliant Charlotte, my son, who works in publishing, would love it. I must check out that site!