Monday, June 20, 2016

A Conversation with Myself

I work in such a noisy environment that I enjoy the quiet when I am at home. Many days I don't even have background music on. I don't know about you, but when I am sewing I talk to myself...a lot. Not always out loud, sometimes just in my head. Where is this leading? Hang in there with me for a moment.

I saw all the blog posts last week about making rainbow heart blocks for Quilts for Pulse that is being headed up by the Orlando modern quilt guild. I always want to help out in these cases. So my first thought was, "make some blocks to send".

 So I started pulling fabrics from my stash and making blocks. At first I though I would make a rainbow of seven blocks, ROYGBIV and pack them up and send them off. These are my first seven blocks. I took a break for lunch and as I had my sandwich at the computer, I read more about the victims and what the Orlando MQG was trying to do, and even though they said that every single block would help, and was greatly appreciated, I felt that my seven little blocks were pretty small.
 So I went back and started pulling more fabrics and sewing some more. As I sewed I thought that I could sew a bunch of blocks and send them. I told myself I couldn't possibly sew a whole quilt top. Then I asked myself "Why not?: I told myself "Charlotte, you do it all the time. You have done it for friends with cancer and you have done it for friends in need and it doesn't take that long to make a lap sized quilt." So as of this writing I have 13 large hearts and two small ones up on my design wall.
I took everything else off the wall. I have no idea where this will end up, but I feel compelled to keep going right now. I even found a bright piece of fabric I had forgotten about and I made a binding. So I guess that means I am making a whole quilt. And trying to sew love and hope into every block. I will keep you posted on my progress.

If you feel compelled, sew up some blocks. We need all the love we can get to send to these survivors and first responders and putting lots of love out there in the world is a beautiful thing. Talk to you soon.


Podunk Pretties said...

Oh yes ...me, myself and I have some really good conversations and truth be known arguments. And like you it's often total silence here in Podunk so there's no distractions. During the week I take care of my mom. I'm always talking to myself at her house, and she's always asking what I said. My response..I didn't know I said that out loud, just talking to myself. It's pretty bad when your so used to your own conversations you don't even realize you're doing it! Your quilt is off to a great start and is going to be so appreciated and loved. I wanted to join in this project by my sewing room is out of commission for painting.

Jeanie said...

I'm sewing heart blocks today too! Like your first thoughts, I'm not planning on sending a whole quilt, just blocks. We'll see.....you're an inspiration!

Katie said...

I always talk to myself when quilting -- I need expert advice after all. My journey in the heart blocks started similarly and i think I have about 30 to sew up this week. I pulled out my unsorted scrap bin (this is what i usually try to make bee blocks from, or where things go before refiling) and cut as many pieces for the hearts as I could and i was really surprised as the pile started to grow as to how many blocks I could get from just the scraps.

charlotte said...

I know there will be plenty of quilters ready to make those blocks into quilts. I love how fast they come together.

charlotte said...

Mine are almost all large scraps. I did cut a couple from fat quarters since I needed specific colors. It is amazing how much we can make from scraps.

charlotte said...

Well I talked myself into a whole quilt. Got all the blocks done today. I'll show progress soon.