Friday, April 27, 2018

Pleased As Punch

That is how I feel with the way this week has gone. I did everything on my list and then some. I had hoped to get it all done, but I did leave room for disruptions, as I know that can happen. But it didn't this week. Here is part of what I got done:
 This is the first of the 2 Hands 2 Help quilts. Sewn, quilted and bound. Now it just needs a wash.
 This is the fun back on this one. Love the ombre dots from oh so many years ago.
And the binding is made up of many binding scraps, which only adds to the colorful appeal.
 This is the back of the second quilt. Blogger decided to rearrange the pictures for me.
 Here is the front of the second quilt. Both quilts are made the same and of lots of 5 inch charm squares I have on hand. I seldom buy charm squares any more, but I bet I could make lots more of these with just what I have on hand.
And here again is a binding made up of scraps of other bindings. I was so happy to use up so much from my stash on these. I think I will probable continue to make more quilts like these and then figure out where to donate them. I love thinking of someone using them. These will go out in the mail next week.  This is my first year to join Hands 2 Help and I have really enjoyed it. Got a lovely little thank you not from Little Lambs. I am already starting to think about next year and eyeing my scraps. A great use for them.
Have a great weekend.
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  1. Wow, just finished wishing you luck in the last post about meeting your goals and now I see they are all done. Most impressive.
    The quilts look wonderful. I think the pieced backs are a great idea and I do love the scrappy borders.

  2. Well done! Stash busting feels sooo good! Hooray!

  3. What a wonderful contribution to H2H!!

  4. So bright and happy! Thank you for donating your cheerful, wonderful quilts :)

  5. The quilts are gorgeous - there's something so satisfying about simple patchwork, isn't there? Which charity did you send these to?

  6. Love them both!! Backs are great too.

  7. Both quilts are adorable. I love the backs also. Very nice quilts.


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