Thursday, May 17, 2018

Churning Along

This is going to be my Friday finish. The quilt top is not finished, but for the last nine days, not counting weekends, I have been piecing and pressing these churn dash blocks and today at 4 pm they were finally all done!
We went from this, last Monday May 7...
...to this today. This is 41 blocks all stacked up. I was planning to do 6 x 6 which is 36, but I had counting difficulties. So the extras will go on the back of the quilt.
 There are 6 of assorted greys, all 12 inches square...
 there are 6 dark blues that are reversed...
 there are 11 dark blues in assorted fabrics...
 there are 13 assorted light blues, some there are 2 of...
and finally there are 6 of these, made from (4) 6 inch blocks.

The background fabric is Swiss Dots by Riley Blake. I originally ordered Navy on Cream, but when they pulled the bolt to cut is at the Fat Quarter Shop, they found it was mislabeled and was actually black dot on cream. They were so kind and called and emailed me right away. I decided to go with the black on cream and they rushed it right out to me.

Now I don't have EQ or any software to help me design quilts. I do it by trial and error and graph paper. So I had no idea how much fabric to buy. All the other fabrics were in my stash. I ended up buying 3 yards. I though it was enough. I had cut all my pieces and counted them and labeled them with post it notes. But I ran out before I got finished and ended up ordering another yard.

I think if I had counted how many blocks I had at that point, I was probably fine, but I assumed all my blue pieces were correctly counted. Ha! So I cut more background when I received the extra yard and I finally realized I had extra blocks. Now I have about a half yard left and it may become the binding, but I am not positive on that yet.

The next step is to figure out an arrangement, but that will be tomorrow. I am tired right now.
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  1. I am in awe of your blocks and how you organize and create all of them. I like the black dots to anchor the other colors. Happy Quilting Dear...<3

  2. I don't plan out fabric for a quilt either. It always seems to work out.

  3. The blocks are looking great and I love the fabric combinations.

  4. Wow....loving all those dots. Great blocks.


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