Friday, January 24, 2020

Dune Done

One of the things I have been doing for the last couple of years, in between sewing projects, is crochet. Lucy, from Attic 24 has so many wonderful crochet blanket patterns. I recently finished my Dune blanket. I am always behind in these crochet alongs since I sew much of the time.
 The two things that drew me to this blanket were the seashell pattern of the crochet and the colors Lucy chose for the yarns. They are all from a day at the beach, and things she saw or collected there.
 I had decided to do the colorwash version of the blanket, but apparently I cannot read. T very top of the colorwash sheet that tells the order of the colors says "make two rows of each color". There are 100 color rows and 4 repeats in this pattern. I made one row of each color. This is also the back of the blanket where you can see the V stitches.
 by the time I was more than half way through, I realized there was a problem. The blanket wasn't as large as it should have been. I did not want to rip out the whole thing, so I had to come up with a solution. The blanket still looked good, and the color arrangement was interesting. What to do?
 So I decided to continue on to the end of the 100 rows, and then go back in reverse color order with the single row of each. It really turned into an accidentally striking pattern.  The V stitches in between the shells were so nice.
 And it worked out perfectly. It is almost the size of my queen size mattress. I haven't figured out how to photograph the entire thing, so you are getting lots of bits.
This is what the back side looks like. Totally different, it's like having two blankets. But here you can see the way the V stitches look on the blanket.
Have a lovely Friday my friends.


  1. So beautiful. I just started my first Attic 24 CAL with the Dahlia Blanket.

    1. I am now working on the Dahlia Blanket. Aren't the colors just soooo beautiful?


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