Monday, March 28, 2022

A Little Mondy Catch Up

 I am a bit of a lazy blogger. There, I said it. It's not hard to sit down and write, but I need photos, so sometimes, I put it off. It's all the downloading and editing that gets me every time. So anyway, that said, here's what I have been up to since I was here last:

The art museum in Raleigh has an exhibition every spring called Art in Bloom. My daughter really wanted to go, so of course I went with her. It was breath taking. These are just a sample of the pieces that were there. All made from fresh flowers, and inspired by works hanging in the galleries there.

Then we took a couple of days mid-week to go to the beach. It was pretty quiet, since it's still not terribly warm there yet. This is the obligatory under the pier shot.
I picked up tons of shells. I always say I won't, but then I do. I promised Miss N I would bring her some.
A beautiful east coast sunrise. The beach is actually facing south, so you have to look to the left to see this.

The view from our front porch. We spent a good deal of time sitting there and listening to the waves. It is so soothing. We did hang out down on the beach as well. Saw some deer there on our last morning. I have never seen deer at the beach before.

On the home front, I got my dining table back from my daughter, and I painted the dirty old white legs this gorgeous blue. It is a chalk paint.
And,I made these covers for the arms of my couch. I bought some Essex Linen to make the covers with.

This is what they are covering up. Years of kids and cats and dogs. I am pretty happy with my new covers.

And finally, I finished my March installment of Pas de Deux. Again, Blogger has rearranged all my pictures here. This is the center star piece for this month's block.
It began as this. I am trying really hard to use only scraps for this quilt, but I needed peach colors and I only had two in my stash/scrap bins.
This is the whole thing. The two strips at the bottom will be added later on in the construction process.

I love the color play in this quilt so far. Not a rainbow, but plenty of colors in each section are making for a very interesting piece.

That's all for now. It's laundry day, so I need to get going. Talk to you soon.

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Karen S said...

Looks like you have been busy. It is lovely to have time at the beach regardless of the weather. Always great for walk.
And the flower display looked stunning. Love the vibrant colours.
It looks like a lot has also been achieved with home decorating. yay!