Thursday, June 23, 2022

This and That

 I have many projects in the works. Some are on the machine, some are hand work. This is a little round up of some of them.

The first is a sweet little stuffed bunny from Kiriki Press. They come in little kits with everything you need except an embroidery hoop. I get such a kick out of these.
Many on-line vendors carry these. I bought mine at Snuggly Monkey. This is an on-line shop that carries tons of stitching items. She has embroidery, sashiko, cross stitch and so much more. If you go to visit her, be sure you have plenty of time to browse. There's lots to see.

This is my collection so far. I am getting ready to start the Kangaroo and joey one soon. I bought it Saturday when Snuggly Monkey had an open studio day where locals can actually go in and shop in person.

I finally figured out what to make from this large block that I made about a year ago. I decided that instead of another small quilt to hang up, I would quilt it and make a pillow.
I had a chunk of this left over from a quilt backing a number of years ago. I had bought a 108 inch wide chunk for backing and there was a bit left over.
And here it sits on my bed. I used up all the stuffing I had, which made more room in the closet, YAY!
And as you can see, it is right at home here among all the quilts both on the bed and on the wall. I hope you have a lovely day. Talk to you soon.

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Karen S said...

Your little bunny is a delight. Love every one of them that you have done.
And the pillow looks wonderful, too. Sometimes we just need time to make up our minds with a project!