Tuesday, October 3, 2023

It's October and I am Back!!

 I have to say this has been a very exhausting 3 months! We started looking for a house in June and about 3-ish weeks into out search, I found one. We closed in late July, and spent 7 weeks painting almost every square inch of the inside. The house had been empty for over a year, and the sellers didn't want to put any real money into fixing it to sell, so they had the entire inside painted beige. Every.Room. 

This is the dining area of the kitchen. The bottom of the wall under the chair rail is the beige I mentioned above. I made it my mission to eradicate all the beige. I am, after all a quilter and I need color in my home.The pale blue on the top of the wall is one of two blues I used.

The top walls and upper cabinets are the light blue with a detail stripe where the cabinets indent. I put on black knobs to replace the white porcelain ones. The bottom wall and lower cabinets are a darker blue of the same basic color tone. They have a light detail stripe.

And for the dining area where there is a chair rail, we chose to install bead board and paint it the dark color. I wasn't able to get all the painting finished before move-in day, but a few weekends should get it finished up. My husband wanted to replace all of the old electrical outlets and light switches in the house. Looking at the inside of the house, you could tell it had been years since it got any love.

These are pictures of the front bathroom. My daughter picked out the wallpaper and the color for the trim and bead board we put in here. Wall paper was a whole new experience for us.Peel and stick, but still challenging. We still need a chair rail in here, but again, a weekend project.

The laundry closet is in the hallway of this small ranch style house so I decided to have some fun with it. I painted the bottom a peachy color and the top a deep blue. As I was finishing up the top, I decided to have some fun and added some clouds.

We decided to frost the glass side light for privacy at the front door. I'd done this before, so it was quick and easy and made all the difference.

Here is the door before, and you can tell how much it matters. The living room is painted a beautiful yellow, with crisp, white trim.

And I found this beautiful Magnolia print fabric (did I mention we live in the south?) and made quick curtains for the living room windows. It was an older print, but I found a shop that had enough for this project and they were happy to sell such a big length to me.

These are the windows in my new sewing room. You can kinda see the swatch where it put it to the left of the windows. I painted this room a creamy warm white. I need that for my fabrics to shine. I have finally started unpacking and setting up. It is quite a process. More pictures when it's done.
This is the curtains in my daughter's emerald green room. This room is hard to photograph, but it is stunning.

Our bedroom ant bathroom are the same color. It is called seersucker. It is a blue, but sometimes it looks grey. Very soothing and we love it. We left the trim white here again.

Jon Snow is adjusting to his new digs. He enjoys sitting in the open windows now that the weather is cooling off. We also put up a couple of bird feeders to attract the local birds for him to watch. Since he is an indoor only kitty he needs some entertainment.

Well, that about catches us up. Hopefully when the dust settles a bit more I can get back to sewing. That's the goal. See you later friends.

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Karen S said...

Wow, that is a lot of work, but so worth it. Your home is looking wonderful.
Love the blues in the kitchen especially.
What a great window in the sewing room. Lots of wonderful light.
I agree about the frosted glass next to the door. We have doe something similar.Perfect solution.
Good luck with all the unpacking and setting up!