Monday, June 6, 2011

Progress made

I'm getting some things moving finally.  Last week I finished my Prouty quilt and this weekend I got the first pair of potholders finished.  These were from a pair of Chefwear pants my daughter had.  I got the idea last year to re-purpose some worn chef's pants into potholders so my brother could raffle them off for his cancer fund raiser.  Now I have started a tradition and will do more pairs this year.
love the fabric!
Now, Chefwear is known for cool prints on their pants, in case you've never seen them.  I have some white fabric re-purposed from chef's coats that a friend gave me.  I will put colorful quilting and borders on them to jazz them up.  The drawstring from the waist is what I use for the hanging loop.  Hardly any waste after disassembling them.  Love that!

I also got started on quilting my Sunkissed Squares quilt finally!  I had forgotten how lovely it is.  I love this quilt from every angle.

I am doing my first try at quilting with pearl cotton.  It's a little different from hand quilting with betweens and quilting thread, but I think I am getting the hang of it.  So far it looks lovely.  I will shre the finished product, hopefully soon.  Have a productive week everyone.

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  1. Makes me think of summer looking at this quilt. I really like it a lot.


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