Monday, January 2, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen: Start your sewing machines!

I am going to start my new year off right!  I have cleaned my sewing room up, made a project list (it has 18 items on it...so far), bought fabric and started sewing!  And I have this whole week off from work to do some of that sewing.  Great vacation plan I think!

 First, I have to show you these great slippers I got from my Dear Husband.  I L-O-V-E them and have been wearing them a lot since Christmas.  I can even sew in them, unlike when I am wearing shoes.  I always have to take my shoes off, and then my feet get cold.
 I finally replaced my old Sunbeam iron that I have had for 20+ years with this.  I first saw this iron on Madame Samm's Stash Manicure blog during the Wantobe Quilters campaign.  I sent the link to I Have A Notion to my Dear Husband and it was under my Christmas tree too.  I am starting to get used to it.  I had no idea how not hot my old iron was starting to be!
 Also, saw this on Green Fairy Quilts and since Sweetwater is my all time favorite designer, I had to have it.  It was on sale and there was a free shipping thing going on.  I wasn't going to indulge, but after I talked to my DH, he told me to go ahead and order it.  I love that man.  He really understands me. :)
 New year's eve my oldest daughter, M brought this quilt to me to mend.  The applique was coming unstitched in several places.  This was a quilt I made for her in August 2004 for her wedding.  I don't think I ever got pictures of it.
 It was a pattern in a book by Georgia Bonesteel.  It is queen size, pieced and appliqued and all hand quilted by me.  She later confessed to me that she didn't really care much for purple, and the marriage didn't last.  I was convinced the quilt was a bit of a jinx.  Crazy, right?
 She is happily remarried now so maybe I'll try again...but not purple!
 This is the back of my Birdie Stitches quilt.  I found this fabric and thought it perfect for that.
 And here is the front of the Birdie Stitches Quilt, assembled and pin basted, ready to quilt.  I am most proud of this quilt.  It is my first BOM and I kept up for the whole year!
 These strips are leftovers from the 36 Patch QAL that I did with Crazy Mom Quilts.  Another project I kept up with.  These are going to be incorporated into the back of the quilt.  I already know how I want to quilt it and am excited to get it finished.
 My LQS has a New Year's Day anniversary sale every year from 1-5 pm.  I have never missed one.  We get 35% off any cut of a half yard or more.  I bought these cuties with the new grand baby in mind. We will find out soon if it's a boy or girl.  I am stocking up on pinks...just in case.  My stash doesn't have too many pinks.
 And I got these to add to a couple of works in progress.  I am going to make a queen size quilt for my sister this year.  We bought the fabrics when she was here in October, with no particular pattern in mind.  Now that we have one, I needed a bit more of a couple of the fabrics.  The sale was the best time to buy them.  The fabric at the bottom of the photo is just because it's cute.  The one at the top is for this next quilt.
 This is the beginning of the new quilt for my middle daughter.  I am making it from a box of scraps that I won from Moda Lissa awhile back.  I found that tan and wanted to get a bit to add to the scrap stash.
 In Cleaning I found this quilt that I started about 3-4 years ago.  I got it pieced and started hand quilting it and then it sat neglected for all this time. :(  So now I am determined to finish it.  I had forgotten that I do like to hand quilt sometimes.  I think I got caught up in the ease and quickness that is machine quilting.  And lastly, a bit of a surprise for me:
I found this lovely fabric was on the back of the aforementioned quilt.  I had forgotten it totally!  I do so love it too!  So, this was a bit long, but hopefully you enjoyed all the pictures of my projects.  I have lots to do now, so have a great week and I'll talk to you again soon.


  1. What a VERY fun post...filled with WONDERFULL pictures. I have to admit, tho. I am really jealous of several of your new aquisitions... the iron, your RED slippers, and the sweetwater fabrics. I think I need to head over to Green Fairy and see if some of those fat quarters are for sale =)

    Thanks for the fun travels thru your wonderful pictures. =)


  2. Wow, can not believe you found such a perfect fabric for the Bridie Quilt! Since I got to see it when you were in progress of doing the Birdie squares, it is really fun to see them all done. Very cool


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