Monday, January 30, 2012

Manic Monday

Not really, just a bit.  I am not really working on anything that I should be.  I am playing around.  Wanna see?  Okay, here goes...this first little item is for the Dress Up Your Roll campaign.  My grandson loves Angry Birds.  My daughter suggested I try this, so here it is.

 I put a bit too much fluff in the top, I think.  The cover won't stay down over the roll very well.
But I don't care and neither will V.  I can't wait until he sees this a little later today!!
 One more shot with the flash.  My photography skills aren't very good, I'm afraid.
 This is a little stuffed fabric bird.  I saw these on a blog, can't remember where so I'll have to try and find it an get back to you on that.  The blog is spoolsewing.com.  There is a download-able pattern for it.  This is the first of what I'm sure will be many.
 The belly of the bird is a wood grain print.  My daughter saw that on one of the birds and though it looked cool.  So I did this one for her.
Isn't he cute?

One last look.
 This is the quilt I made for my book group.  I finally got around to binding the edges.  I have it hanging above my desk.  My husband is right though, I need to do a hanging sleeve and ditch the binder clips.  They don't add to the look.
That little quilt is one more item checked off my 2012 to do list.  Progress!
Have a great week.


  1. Inquiring minds want to know, did V love his Angry Bird?

  2. Do you have a pattern by chance for the Angry Bird my son Jared would love it. It might even go with his shirt that has one on it that reads "I need Anger Management" But would make him smile any way.

    Stop by for my quilt givaway to guess my babys b-day and weight.


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