Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Best Quilting Day!!

This is going to be a picture heavy post, but I am so stoked!  I finished TWO quilts today and I decided that rather than do two separate posts, I'm going to do one big one.  I have been working on these for awhile now and, well, lets look at them, shall we?

First let's look at this one.  I borrowed the idea from Camille this summer.  I only wanted to make a small lap quilt.  I really just wanted to use the Summersville jelly roll I had.  This was perfect.

 I decided to bite the bullet and try my hand at bias binding.  I have been too afraid to try until now.  What was I afraid of?  I thought it would take lots longer and I am lazy when it comes to a longer process for anything.
 This is how my binding would have looked if cut on the grain.  Plain and boring, right?
 This is how it turned out.  Soooo cool, am I right?  I used Amanda Jean's tutorial for bias binding.
                                       Here we go...

                             Love the way this looks.
                         Here is a bit of the back with the binding sewn in place.

 I had quite a bit left.  I didn't measure, I just made a bunch because is was so easy.  I will use this later on something else.  I have a few more strips I can add if I need to.
 A close up, fresh from the dryer.  I hope you can see the zigzag quilting pattern I used.
                                         One last shot!

                                 The inspector...doing his thing.
 Now for my favorite Quilt!!  This first picture isn't great, but I kept it to show the chevron quilting pattern on this quilt.  I felt like all those dots needed a linear quilting.  After doing the other quilt above, I knew this was what I wanted on this quilt.  I did half of it and then my husband suggested reversing the points to point in the opposite direction toward the faded dots.  Perfect.
 I used the black/grey Ombre Dots for the binding, which is not bias because I didn't want to lose that fade to grey look.
How cool is this little quilt?  And I still have lots of Ombre Dots left to use in other projects.

Have a great rest of the week.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Anne. I enjoyed making them.

  2. Great quilts Charlotte and congrats for tackling bias binding too. You will be bias binding everything in sight now :)

    1. I did love that bias binding, I must say. Just sorry it took me so long to find that out.

  3. Tres Cool,Charlotte! Both of them - love them! Thanks for the tip on the tutorial for the bias binding - I rarely do it, but there are times when it is necessary!!

  4. Love the Sumersville quilt. Bias binding WAS worth it!

  5. Such fun quilts! I love the quilting you did on both. It adds so much interest to the design.

  6. I love that Summersville quilt. The hombre dots are nice too.


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