Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting Zen With It

The title of this post comes from a conversation with my Hubby this morning. I have to go to work at 1 on Saturdays and I always try to get an hour or two of sewing in before I go. I am in the home stretch of this quilt top:
I hope you're not tired of seeing this one yet, because not only am I almost done, I am making another one just like it in Rocket Age by Riley Blake Designs. Here's a look at that:

 This is the yardage I bought, based on how much it has taken to make the Sasparilla quilt top.
 And yesterday, in about 90 minutes, after installing a new blade in my rotary cutter so I could cut multiple layers at once, I had this.
All the pieces of the second quilt top are cut. This was not how the first one went. As I was figuring out the design, I cut a few, then sewed and then cut a few more. Now, I have the necessary pattern drawn out.
This is the whole stack for a quilt top. It doesn't look like enough, does it? Well anyway, back to Zen.
So I have lots and lots of HSTs to stitch together for the final border of the first quilt, even though I would really rather work with the newly cut fabrics.  So I put on some music and tried to find my Sewjo and become one with the fabric triangles.
Chain piecing

Trim to 4" squares

Half way there

Still to go
So, back to the machine to hopefully finish this part up. Sooooo close. Have a great Saturday. Linking up with Kim at My Go Go Life for Sewjo Saturday.


  1. I have to get my Zen on to do lots of hat's. The triangles aren't so bad it is the trimming that is so time-consuming.

  2. That and pressing all those seams.


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