Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Threads

So I missed WIP Wednesday, and truth be told, I was feeling a bit too lazy to get pictures and post. But here I am today. One of many things I am working on right now is the Fair Isle QAL that Lee at Freshly Pieced has going on. I am hoping that this will spur me to get this one done in a timely fashion. It is a beautiful quilt and even though there are tons of pieces, the assembly is straight forward. Here's where I am so far. All the cutting is done ad I have started with the poinsettia blocks.
                                  First these tiny little 4 patch blocks go together...
 I love how cute and small they are. You sew strips together and then cut and sew to get the 4 patch.
                                           Then, you add the side pieces...
 Then you make about a million HSTs and trim them down. Okay, so only 120, but it feels like a million. They do look pretty, don't they?
 Then you assemble each quadrant so they are all exactly alike. 40 quadrants to make 10 blocks.
And TA-DA!! The first block is finished! Only 9 more to go and then it will be on to the next step. Still time to join in...c'mon, you know you want to.


  1. This is a very pretty block and I will watch as you put it all together... I'll bet it'll be gorgeous.

  2. Oh, it looks perfect, I love it! : ) And way to go already having a block done!

  3. What a great block! I love your color combination.


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