Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Little Bit of Sewing

I haven't had much time the last two weeks, but this week I got to sew a bit. Yay me! I am trying to keep myself from going crazy here with all the house stuff and work. Sewing soothes me in a way not much else does. I know there are those of you who feel the same way. So this is what's going on:

 This is my little Village from the Penny Sampler Quilt. I had such fun picking the fabrics. I had a few others picked out, but as usual, the fabrics led me to this. Some of the ones I thought would work just didn't seem right when I put them up there. So my village is done.
 This is my mitten all sketch stitched to a golden yellow Dimple Dot fabric. It is backwards. The thumb is supposed to be on the right. But I am leaving it this way. I see no reason to change it.
 This is my clover all sketch stitched to a solid coral. I found that I really like this method of applique. And this completes the February lesson for the Penny Sampler. I am still happy I chose the 12 month class, because I know I will have very little time to sew as the move gets closer. And then my machines will be on a moving van for awhile. So sometime in May-ish, I will have to buckle down and catch back up.
This is the block from Amy Gibson's block along that is following her new book, Quilt Block Cookbook. I bought the book before she announced the block along, and I don't intend to do every block. She is doing a block a week. But I really liked this one. I had a bit of trouble figuring out the paper piecing, but Jennifer Mathis from Ellison Lane has a You Tube video that is pretty good and it helped me out a lot.
Have a great weekend and I hope to see you back here soon.

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  1. The Quilt Block Cookbook was one of my Christmas presents and I love the blocks and the layout - but much as I'd be tempted, I don't think I can manage the full block a week!! This is gorgeous though, it would be lovely across a whole quilt


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