Thursday, June 29, 2017

Button, Button

Well, the time for procrastination has ended and I had to tackle those buttons. My hubby drove me to JoAnn's to get the buttons I needed to finish the boys shirts and the dresses for Miss N. No more excuses.
 I tackle the dress buttons first. There were only 3 to do. The button holes turned out so very nice and even. My Bernina has a button hole feature that will take the measurements of the first button hole and repeat it for the others. I love this feature, but...well wait until I get to the rest of the story.
 Sewing the buttons on? Easy as pie. I learned to sew buttons on when I was a child. I think it was the first "sewing" I ever learned to do.
 And there they are, all in a row and neat and tidy. I was so pleased that it was going well, that I felt no trepidation for the rest of the holes to come.
 These are the buttons I bought, and some snaps. You would think that with all the buttons in that jar there, I could find what I needed, but nope. Not enough for two shirts as I needed 5 for each.
 Here are the buttons and the holes on the first shirt. They look good! However, I did not test the first button on the first hole, and the holes are a little snug. I fiddled with them and got them to work, but I was not happy with this outcome.
That brings me to this shirt. I made the top hole 1/8 inch longer and it seemed to solve the problem. But something happened with the machine setting to make the rest of the button holes the same. I am not sure what it was. I had to rip out one button stitched hole and re-stitch and the third one down is crooked, but I could not make myself rip another one out. It is so hard!! So I just pushed through, cursing and muttering the whole way. I am so glad it's done!

The snaps I bought were for a pinafore for Miss N. I knew I had some and I thought I had looked everywhere. So I bought another package of them and installed them on the straps. When I taped the little bag closed with the rest and went to toss it in a bowl on my sewing table, guess what was already in there? Yup. The other bag of snaps. Oh, well.

I hope you have a great day and I will see you soon, for more sewing adventures!

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