Friday, June 9, 2017

Swooning Over Pillows

What do you do when you have two square European pillows from a guest bed you no longer have? You make Swoon blocks as covers to make big floor pillows. My sister had these when we moved in and since our room is no longer the guest room, she asked if we could cover them for floor pillows for the living room. It was a great idea as they are the perfect size. She chose the fabric from my stash and we added some Kona solids for the edges and the back, which is just an envelope closure.

 I love the Swoon pattern. I love it even more when I can make and quilt one block. These pillows are the perfect use for this block if you have never made one.
 I quilted each of them the same, with the lines crossing in the very center to add some interest to the otherwise rather large, plain area.
 Then I quilted around the other parts of the outside star. This was to add definition and to anchor the batting to the inside. I always quilt a pillow top. Not so the back of a pillow.
              They even look good outside on the patio.

And now they are ready for use on the living room floor. Have a great weekend. Link up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts.


Karen Rowland said...

The swoon block is one of my favorites. These look so good.

Brenda said...

I have been playing on pinterest for a tad bit and came across something of yours and decided to check it out in more detail. When I discovered it was a fun post but only pictures from several years ago, I decided to skip forward to this year. Your Swoon Block Pillow Covers are lovely! I have never made this block but you have definitely sparked my interest. Thank you for sharing and I will be sure to stop back by. Have a great day!