Monday, July 10, 2017

Pin Cushions Are Contageous

I have been following Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts for a bunch of years now and I have to say, every time she posts pictures of more pin cushions, I just want to make some. So now I have.  It is the perfect thing for when you want to sew something but have little time. So here are some I made last week.
 This one I made and showed last week from a leftover block from the Penny Sampler Quilt. But little did I know it would only be the first.
 Then I saw these cute scraps and I knew that they were the very last of my favorite fabric from Sunkissed by Sweetwater. Too tiny for anything else.
 And these, for the same reason and to make something with tiny triangles which is always fun.
 Then, I found the 4 tiny blocks I made last spring. The block finishes at 2 inches square and the whole point was to work on your precision piecing skills. I didn't make them with a plan in mind, but here they are. This is the first one.
                    And a little Lizzy House on the back.
 A tiny rolling stone block here and I used wider borders to make it a bit bigger. This one is a favorite. I love that yellow butterfly print. It's Heather Ross.
I even used it on the back and tried to get the selvedge in the picture. So bright and pretty.
 Then, there's this one. I kinda messed up adding the strips to make it bigger. I didn't want white next to white, but my brain had checked out I guess.
This is my favorite one. I love the tiny churn dash block. I don't know what else you could do with these if not pin cushions, but I do love these a lot.
So, here is my "collection" of pin cushions. They are addictive to make and I know I will make more. I will probably have to find a way to give them away or I might get over run with them. I like having several, but I already have 4-5 in use. Any suggestions?
Talk to you soon.

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