Monday, September 19, 2011


Well, my daughter says the countdown has begun.  The wedding is in12 days.  The napkins are all done.  Check that item off my list. 

The outfit for the little man is done.  Check that item off my list.  He is ready to walk his mom down the aisle.

Went shopping today (which I hate to do) and now my outfit is ready.  Check that item off my list.
 So now that my stuff is done, I guess it's okay to work on all the other projects I have going on, right?

Like this:

for a special baby girl in Vermont
and these:

putting together my 36 patch
my hometown quilt
and this:
just bought the pattern
I have been dying to try the Swoon quilt and since I didn't have enough going on, I caved and bought the pattern this weekend.  I want to try and make it out of fabrics I already have so when I have time I will go hunting in my stash.  I also have a couple of other things to get going on for Christmas.  I know it will creep up quickly like it does every year.

So after the wedding I will be sewing like a maniac.  Oh, wait, I already am.

Have a great week.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic napkins! I love all the colours.