Monday, February 13, 2012

Distractions...and a finish

Well it certainly is Monday.  I can tell because things aren't moving along as much as I'd like them to.  My day is almost gone, as far as time to sew and I am having so much trouble with the Swoon block I am trying to do.  I keep putting pieces together wrong.  As soon as I noticed the last one, I had to just walk away.  That block may not get finished today.  Plus, I kept getting distracted by things.

I bought some new organizers and my messy fabrics just screamed at me to be tidied up.  Sorry, no before picture, just this after.  And this is just one section of fabric.  It is the one that was screaming the loudest.  But it's all better now.

 This is the finish I wanted to show.  I was waiting on some Kona in a light grey, sorry, I forget the name, but that was what this baby wanted.
 I got the quilting finished and the binding done Saturday evening.  Then I washed and dried it Sunday.
 Today it is sunny, if a bit chilly at 45 degrees, so I took her for a walk outside.
 I really enjoyed photographing in the sun and watching the changes the shadows brought.
 We have lots of trees on our property, so there are always lots of shadows to negotiate.
 And they shift, minute by minute.  It keeps it interesting, don't you think?
 I love the look of this little one all rolled up like a burrito.  The spring sun is so bright.

 Lots of big rocks all over the property too.  This one being shadowed by the house.
 First crocus of the spring.  It's been so mild here, I'm sure this poor thing is in shock today.
 It surprises me that this doesn't look brighter, being as it was in full sun.  It looked brighter to me.
And now we are to the end.  Hope you enjoyed all the pics.  Now I've gotta go stare down that Swoon block and make it work.  And I only have 50 minutes to do it.  Happy sewing.  See you soon.

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