Monday, February 6, 2012

Time is of the Essence

Last Monday I was waiting to hear about my friend's son.  He has been battling bone cancer for five years.  He is 22 now.  He had gone to see his oncologists for results of the latest round of chemo.  The longer the day went by with no news, the more I was certain it would not be good news.  Tuesday evening the news came.  The battle was well fought, but the fight was over.  There would be no more fighting, it was time to wave the white flag of surrender.

The sadness I felt was overwhelming.  I could barely speak.  I read the e-mail to my husband, crying all the while.  I felt so sad at being so far away that I could only offer words of comfort, that were meaningless.  At least I thought so.  At 5:30 Wednesday morning, I was getting ready for work.  I looked at my husband and said "I need to make her a quilt."  Without hesitation he said "Do it."

So the plan began to form... I would make X blocks to represent hugs, that I could not give in person.

I googled X block and GenX Quilters blog popped up.  Then I remembered that AnneMarie had a block library.  I looked and she had the perfect block.  It's 14 inches finished so this could be done quickly.
 I went through my stash and pulled fabrics and quickly figured out which ones I wanted to use.  I ironed out the wrinkles and began cutting.  I had just enough of the fabrics I pulled.  This was coming together so well!
 I wanted to include one block with hearts on it, to express love and hope.  I didn't want red Valentine's looking hearts.  I found the perfect fabric.  It looks like the sky at sunrise, soft layers of color.
 Into each I embroidered one word: Faith...Hope...Love.  This was going remarkably well.  I felt like God was guiding this project at this point.  Things were just falling together.  I sewed all day Sunday.
 I got the blocks done and laid out the pattern I thought would work.  I went to my local quilt shop and bought batting, border fabric, backing fabric and binding fabric.  I didn't want to spend time trying to piece a backing together.
 When I went to my LQS the fabrics were so easy to choose.  Again, I think I was guided.
 Sunday afternoon the top was done, the backing was done and the binding was made.  Time for a break.

 Monday, I began quilting.  I did two hours and then left to run a couple of necessary errands.  I came home and quilted some more.  I attached the binding and threw it in the wash before I went to pick up V at school.  When we got home it went into the dryer.

 And so now it is done.  All I have to do is attach the label I made and write a note to include in the box.  This friend is so dear to me, even though I haven't seen her in more than 20 years.  She is the sister of my heart.
 I hope that she can feel all the love and prayers that went into this quilt.  I have never made one like it.  I feel like I have run a marathon.
 I hope I never have to again.  But I know I can if I need to.  Anyone who has made a quilt of hope, faith and love knows what I mean.
 Time is short.  This will go out in the mail tomorrow.  Because time is of the essence.
Thanks for listening.


Miki Willa said...

What a beautiful quilt you created from love. I know it will mean a great deal to your friend. May the blessings of the Lord be upon you.

Susan said...

Wow, that is an amazing journey for you, the quilt & your friend.XO

charlotte said...

Thank you Miki. I can't wait until it gets there.

charlotte said...

Yeah, I'm still so tired I haven't sewn since I finished it. It was emotionally exhausting. I'll be back at it soon I think though.

Lisa said...

It does sound like God put you to work for him. Your quilt turned out beautiful, and your heart block was an inspiration. Your friend in need of a comfort will get it just looking at it. Is the design one from your group who does comfort quilts? If not, I hope you took a pic to show them. The X for hugs, is a great idea. I will pray for your friend and ask God to help her through her grief.

Anonymous said...

Oh Charlotte. How very terrible for your friend to have to deal with the loss of her son. I just can't imagine losing one of my boys. The quilt you made is absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad that you chose this for your June block.