Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Suddenly, I seem to have lots of thoughts about what my blog posts can be. I think when I push myself to do this, I suddenly open a floodgate of ideas. It's kind of cool. With Christmas just a week away (eek) I know I will get super busy and not be able to blog for a few days, so I am getting ahead now! Here is a quilt I want to share today:
 This is a quilt I made in 2006 for my brother. I think this was the first time I made a quilt for someone in need of some comfort and love. He has prostate cancer and is battling it still, today. But my wonderful sisters and my supportive and loving husband helped me to come up with this idea.
 We bought some photo transfer paper at an office supply store in California while I was visiting my sisters. We chose a variety of old family photos and scanned them into the computer and printed them onto the transfer paper. I hand carried them home to North Carolina and ironed them onto fabric here.
 Along with a couple of donated t-shirts from the sisters, I made up this quilt. I framed each photo with colorful fabrics and attached them to muslin background fabric.
 This photo is from my parent's wedding and the one in yellow is my Granny who raised us kids.
 This photo is from our only ever family reunion back in 2000. This was the last time we were all together.
                 This was cut from a t-shirt we had printed for the reunion.
 The back of the quilt was flannel, made to be warm since my brother lives in Vermont and also, cancer patients tend to get cold easily.
This is a very old picture of my brother, probably from the early 1970's.
And this is the label I hand wrote for the quilt. I wanted him to know what a collaborative effort this was. Keep fighting the fight, my brother. Still a lot of love in that quilt.


  1. What a special quilt of love and memories! Prayers for Kevin's strength and healing.

  2. Charlotte, this quilt is wonderful! So much love and thought went into making it. I'll keep your brother in my prayers. xo Erin


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