Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Possible Stolen Quilt

Please, if you see this, share with anyone who you can share with. I made a quilt for my sister a number of years ago. When she passed away a year and a half ago, her husband told my other sister that he would let her have the quilt after he had passed away. He died last December. The executor of the estate has been unable to locate the quilt in the house. That quilt was never off their bed from the day they received it. I know he did not get rid of it, as it was so much my sister. She helped to design it and approved each and every fabric I used.  He also loved it. I am certain he would not have let go of it. I am posting photos of the quilt here. It had a label on it.  The label is hand written, but could have easily been cut off. This is a King size quilt, so quite large. If anyone sees it, I would love to know. It is very distinctive. Missing in the Alpine California area, near San Diego.

I would love to recover this quilt for the family. If you have any ideas for other avenues of recovery, please let me know. My family is heartbroken. Thank you.


Celtic Thistle said...

Oh dear! I hope your appeal works and it turns up safe and sound soon.

GranthamLynn said...

Oh so sad to hear. I hope you find it. I'll Pin it for you and see if I can put on facebook too.
I would be so sad to have one of my quilts go missing like that! I don't get to do much sewing lately but I'm always visiting. I'm following you.
Come over and visit!

charlotte said...

I hope so too. Thank you.

charlotte said...

I have also put a post on facebook and on a lost quilts web site. Hopefully that will bring some attention.