Saturday, May 28, 2016

Scrappy Finish

Remember when I talked about cleaning up my scrap bins? I threw all the strings into a pile, and since I did the bins by color, the strings were by color. Then I made these:
I had one in each color of the rainbow. Yellow and blue were the largest ones. I wanted to crochet a rug in rainbow order. So I did.

 This is a pattern if you will, from Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts. It is crocheted wit a really large hook. She also does one that it knitted on really large needles. The strings need to be three quarters of an inch wide, up to one and a quarter inch wide.
 It is fast and easy to make, this one took me about 5 evenings to crochet. All the details of how to do it are on Amanda Jean's blog.
 I love the colors and how bright they look. This is the best use of strings, I think. Not a smidge is wasted and who doesn't need a throw rug somewhere in their house?
 Some of the fabric strings in this I have had languishing for over 15 years! I am so glad these last bits of some of my earliest quilts have found a home at last.
If you have lots of strings, consider making a rug. The ease and quickness of construction is very rewarding. Have a great weekend. Linking up with Finish It Friday.


Judy @ Sew Some Sunshine said...

Great rug, love your colors!

Jenny said...

So pretty and vibrant - congratulations. I made the knitted version of AmandaJean's pattern

Yanicka said...

Oh wow that is brilliant