Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Big Finish

I finally finished my 100 blocks 100 days 2018 quilt. Bound, washed and dried, and photographed. This is such a big sense of accomplishment for me you guys. I bought Tula Pink's book  about 6 months after it came out because I saw it everywhere on the internet. And then, it sat on my shelf. I was completely overwhelmed with all the blocks in this book.
I mean, think of it. It's 100 different blocks. Each cut out separately. No fast rotary cutting multiples here. And I know that there have been other 100 blocks sew alongs, but finally, last year I was struck with a great desire to do this. I saw lots of great inspiration on Instagram. And I figured out a way to make this a bit less overwhelming. Every 10 blocks I made in a particular featured color. So much easier for me to decide on fabrics.
 I took the blocks with me to North Carolina last spring, and my daughter helped me to figure out a nice arrangement for them. That was another sticking point for me.
      And I loved what she came up with.
 I took a couple of pictures outside, but it was way too sunny for great colors.

 With all the color on the top, I decided to put on a border of grey to frame it. I quilted the quilt in off white thread, but did the borders in red thread, just for fun.
 And I had two long-ish pieces of leftover binding in my stash, so I put them together to bind this quilt.
And for the back, I used some Bonnie and Camille fabrics that I love, but had been in my stash for a number of years, along with a couple other fabrics to make it large enough.

And there you have it. My big finish. Have a great rest of your weekend friends.

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  1. A great finish. So many amazing blocks in the quilt.


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