Monday, July 8, 2019

New Pillow Covers

I have projects in the works. Some have deadlines, some do not. But some days, I don't want to work on any of the things I am supposed to be working on. When that happens, I do  something just because I feel like it. Today, it was new pillow covers. What drew me in was the fabric. I ordered a couple of new fabrics, which I do not do often right now to save money. They sat there looking at me until I caved.
The new fabric is the cat print and the little pink flowers. I had the blue on hand and I loved the way they worked together.
 And this is the way it came out. I love it. The colors are more muted than I usually use, but I am very happy with them.
 And on the back, I used a zipper, instead of the usual envelope closure I usually use. I used to avoid zippers, but I have done so many with the bags I am making for my craft fairs, I am no longer avoiding them. I just put a small flap over them to hide them.
And it looks like this when it's done. I love the way it looks and the zipper is hidden. This fabric was from my stash.
And then I wanted another one, same fabrics, different design. So I made this one. It too has a zipper, hidden under a strip of fabric. I used the same backing fabric.
And here they are together. The second one turned out a bit smaller than the first. My measuring mistake, but fortunately I had a pillow that fit into it anyway. Now I have to get back to my regularly scheduled sewing. Talk to you soon.


laydilyke said...

Love these. Of course being a cat lover it love the cat pattern fabric. I might just have to make a cushion now. I made a cushion recently on my blog but I didn't make it with a zip opening and now wish I did. Was that hard to add?

Gemini Jen NZ said...

I love the cats, they look great in the pillows.

Karen S said...

Lovely. Great colours in these fabrics. And very impressive work with the zips.