Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Wee Bit of Christmas Prep

I am not one to rush the season. In fact, I hate that. But now that I live 3000 miles away from my sweet grandchildren, I have to do things like making ornaments, much sooner so I can mail them in time. I make the kids an ornament almost every year. Some years I have bought ornaments, when I can find something unique that I like.

Last year, I bought a pattern from Sue at Moss and Lotus. She created a collection of patterns for Tomtes (Christmas gnomes) and I bought the pattern bundle. It was way too late to make any of them in time for Christmas last year, but I pulled them out the other day and got reacquainted with them.
 There was a free bonus pattern for a mini Tomte. It makes the cutest little ornament! It finishes at 2 inches square. I put a bit of batting in it for body and attached a ribbon and Voila!
 I made four of them for the grand kids. They are all the same, except for the fabric on the back, where I wrote the year and my name in Micron pen.
 The nose is a wee little french knot! These were so super simple to whip up using scraps! I plan to tackle the larger Tomtes soon. They will finish at 6 inches square.

The other thing I have done for Christmas is this adorable Santa ornament. The pattern can be found at Mmmcrafts. If you've never seen her stuff, you need to go right now. It will amaze you.

This is the picture from Larissa's pattern. I saw it and fell in love and had to have it. It is the first in a series from The Night Before Christmas ornaments she is creating.
And this is my little Santa ornament. he doesn't have all his accessories here. The pattern is so well written and I found it easy to follow.
 Here he has his accessories. I had such a blast making all these little pieces and then assembling them. I took my time and did it over the course of a week, to give glue time to dry, etc. But I love them so much, I have already decided that this will be the grand kids ornament next year.
My plan is to start now and slowly work on them until they are all done. Each one will be a different color too. I hope you have enjoy this wee bit of early holiday prep. Talk to you soon.


  1. Wonderful ornaments! I'm inspired to did out some WiPs from last year that didn't get finished in time for the 25th too!!


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